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MBBS in Russia Fees

Steps for MBBS admission in Russia


All aspiring students willing to pursue medical education should visit our office where all the essential information is passed on to the student which includes the various facilities available and about Russia in general.

The student and parents needs to undertake steps as he/she feels necessary to satisfy himself/herself regarding the decision of enrolling and studying MBBS in Russia.


Once the parents and students are thorough with their decision, the student needs to make an application with Global Educational Consultancy for the chosen university.

The seats are limited and hence are given strictly on a first come first served basis and further depend on the final discretion of the university as per the availability and marks in the 12th standard examination.


Once the documents are submitted to GEC (Global Educational Consultancy) the student should apply for his/her passport (if not ready). The issuance of the passport normally takes around 45 days and any delay in applying would delay the departure of the student to Russia or he/she won’t get the admission.


All medical students are also required to apply for the eligibility certificate as required by the Medical Council of India, Global Educational Consultancy will assist you for applying the same.


Once the application is accepted by the university, a letter of admission confirming the reservation of the seat would be issue by the university to GEC. The original letter is sent by the university to our office. This letter of admission is then given to the student to enable him/her to further process his/her bank loan.


Student should submit HIV – AIDS tests report.


After receiving the passport and the visa invitation from the university, GEC makes the application for the stamping of the visa and hands over the original passport along with other original documents.


The student is expected to complete his packing and make all necessary arrangements to travel as per the date intimated by GEC. They should also verify that all the necessary documentation has been duly completed.

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List of documents needed for graduate course

M.B.B.S / B.D.S / B.E

At the times of application along with the application form :
  • Notarized copies of 10th standard mark sheet
  • Notarized copies of 10th standard passing certificate
  • Notarized copies of 12th standard mark sheet
  • Notarized copies of 12th standard passing certificate
  • Notarized copies of College Leaving certificate
  • Copy of passport, if ready
  • 8 recent colour photographs. ( Size 3.5 x 3.5 cm )
  • HIV test report with registered medical practitioner’s sign & seal

List of documents needed for post graduate courses

M.D / M.S / M.D.S

At the times of application along with the application form:
  • Notarized copies of 10th mark sheet
  • Notarized copies of 10th passing certificate
  • Notarized copies of 12th mark sheet
  • Notarized copies of 12th passing certificate
  • Notarized copies of College Leaving certificate
  • Notarized copies of mark sheets for all academic years in medicine / engineering
  • Notarized copies of transcripts
  • Notarized copies of Internship completion certificate
  • Notarized copies of provisional / degree certificate
  • Notarized copies of registration certificate
  • Copy of the passport (If the same is ready)
  • 8 recent colored photographs. ( size 3.5 x 3.5 cm )

Our Process - MBBS Admission in Russia


a) CONSULTATION PHASE: Admission enrolment for the foreign Institutes starts from 1st of January and lasts till 25 August annually for summer intake and from 30 October till 20 January for spring intake.

b) REGISTRATION & PROCESSING PHASE: Once you have selected the desire course and university, Aspirants needs to fill the Application from in Apply Now section providing all information about himself/herself, Parents occupation, academic details of 10th; 11th; 12th; standard, Passport Details.

c) PAYMENT: At the time of submission of the application and all the mentioned above documents the candidate pays processing fees us (which is in case of unilateral student’s refusal to study it is not refunded) and tuition fees to.

d) STUDENT VISA: Our staff will ensure you about Visa success. In this period aspirants should follow the instruction given by our help desk for sending or receiving any original/scanned documents.

e) DEPARTURE: All aspirants should remember the instruction given by us about the Airport & Gate. International Airport requests that all departing passengers on international flights must be at the airport at least 4 hours prior to their flight departure time. Your pick-up time will be scheduled according to this request & managing authority of Education overseas will be there with you during your whole journey. We recommend all the students/parents/guardian to reach the airport city before one day prior to the departure date.







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