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About Global Education Consultancy


VoSMU’s worldwide recognition, World Class teaching and Research work guided me to be a good doctor, Today I am working in New Delhi with a great satisfaction.” When I first came to VoSMU which is considered to be the top medical university in Russia I had realized the fact that studying here will definitely shape up my future and make me a good doctor. It has been a awesome experience coming to Russia, it was a fantastic feeling to be there, it’s beautiful and definitely one of the best place in the world to live. People in Russia are very kind hearted, good, helping and they always treat Indians warmly. I had enjoyed one of the good hostel facilities, study environment and more importantly university’s teaching faculty is excellent. I would like say thanks to GEC for enrolling me in such a good university. It’s been a good experience living in Russia.

- Dr. Sharvani Lal

My dreams of becoming a doctor were quite impossible in India only because of tough entrance exam system for Govt. Medical Colleges and huge amount of donation system for Private Medical Colleges. But Global Educational Consultancy (GEC) helped me to fulfill my dream to be a Doctor. Now I am a student of MBBS of Nizny Novgorod State Medical Academy, which is an International platform of quality Medicine study. Thanks to GEC.

- Mr. Darshit Patel

Foremost I would like to thank Global Educational Consultancy (GEC) for helping me get an admission in Volgograd State Medical University in Russia. I am very grateful to Dr. Suhas Mane in assisting me throughout the admission process and for solving all my queries which i had been uncertain about. I knew is GEC a very good consultancy and my parents are also satisfied with it. I am entirely satisfied with the service of GEC and Dr. Suhas Mane and thank them for the great support.

- Ms. Aishwarya Pradhan

I have completed my MBBS from Kazan State Medical University. I was wondering from where I can do my MBBS program then I came to know about Global Educational Consultancy (GEC) through one of my relative whose daughter took admission through Global Educational Consultancy (GEC) in Russia. After knowing about this I had contacted them and got a clear picture of MBBS program in Russia, I made my mind to join Global Educational Consultancy (GEC). This was the best decision of my life. I have joined Kazan State Medical University in Russia and I am really obliged for your help making my dream come true.

- Dr. Naveeda, Dubai

Studying abroad is always a big decision to make but after joining Volgograd State Medical University for MBBS I took a breath of relief that yes I made a good decision by choosing VoSMU. In doing so I would also like to thank GEC for helping me take a right decision.

- Tejal, Mumbai

I am currently finishing my MBBS 6th year at Volgograd State Medical University (VoSMU). Without a doubt I believe it was one of the best decisions I have made. Volgograd State Medical University is an amazing institution with an exceptional course in medicine for a period of six years. The professors are friendly and are available for one-on-one question and answer sessions, as well as extra classes for groups of students.

- Ms. Mansi, Pune

The classes are small and I am able to receive one-on-one or small group instruction, if needed, which is an invaluable resource in such an in-depth and challenging field of study. The studies here are engaging and stimulating, but I find the people of the VoSMU community to be most interesting. I love being surrounded by so many brilliant and talented individuals from all over the world.

- Mr. Mayur

Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy has provided me with up to date Medical curriculum and real clinical patient experience at health fairs and the local hospital, as well as hands-on anatomical experience.

- Mr. Akul Bharadwaj

Six years in Volgograd State Medical University prepared me to face the world as a proud to be graduate . The high standard of education is equivalent to those of any European University. The quality of life is both comfortable and affordable… I literally live in paradise here!

- Ms. Nupoor

I have a long road ahead and it is nice to know that I have advisors with backgrounds similar to my own that I can go to for guidance. Last but not the least I would like to thank GEC for the Guidance and support given to me all the way from making a decision to join Kazan State Medical University and being a torch bearer throughout my career here.

- Ms. Esther

Our Process - MBBS Admission in Russia


a) CONSULTATION PHASE: Admission enrolment for the foreign Institutes starts from 1st of January and lasts till 25 August annually for summer intake and from 30 October till 20 January for spring intake.

b) REGISTRATION & PROCESSING PHASE: Once you have selected the desire course and university, Aspirants needs to fill the Application from in Apply Now section providing all information about himself/herself, Parents occupation, academic details of 10th; 11th; 12th; standard, Passport Details.

c) PAYMENT: At the time of submission of the application and all the mentioned above documents the candidate pays processing fees us (which is in case of unilateral student’s refusal to study it is not refunded) and tuition fees to.

d) STUDENT VISA: Our staff will ensure you about Visa success. In this period aspirants should follow the instruction given by our help desk for sending or receiving any original/scanned documents.

e) DEPARTURE: All aspirants should remember the instruction given by us about the Airport & Gate. International Airport requests that all departing passengers on international flights must be at the airport at least 4 hours prior to their flight departure time. Your pick-up time will be scheduled according to this request & managing authority of Education overseas will be there with you during your whole journey. We recommend all the students/parents/guardian to reach the airport city before one day prior to the departure date.







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