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Volgograd state medical university

The students who have studied in the medical university consider the educational institution as a place of highest tribute and respect. The university is known for its standards and reputation across the world. The university comprises of highly-qualified and experienced teaching staff, advanced researchers and experienced physicians who are world renowned. The institute is currently in the leadership of Professor Vladimir I. Petrov. a well-known Russian scientist and Academician of the Russian Academy for Medical Sciences.

Volgograd State Medical University

The University has the following Colleges and Departments :

  • College of General Medicine
  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Pediatrics
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Medical Biochemistry
  • College of Social Work and Clinical Psychology
  • Department for International Students
  • College for Postgraduate and Continuous Education
  • Department for Foundation Courses
Volgograd State Medical University 2
The original name of the medical university was Stalingrad Medical Institute. It was started in the year 1935. In the year 1993, it got the status of the Academy and in 2003, it achieved the status of an university. The institute has been visited by various ambassadors around the globe like India, Malaysia, USA, Bangladesh, etc.

The university currently has 4 educational buildings, 5 large multi profile hospitals, Cancer Centre, Heart Centre, First Aid Hospitals, 3 Infectious Disease hospitals, 5 Dental Hospitals, 5 Obs and Gynaec Hospitals, 4 Physiotherapy centers, Tuberculosis centre, 3 Orthopedic centers all admitting a total of more than 7000 patients. Institute’s heart centre is one of the best in the field of Cardiology in Russian Federation. Students from 85 countries have studied at this university.

Education syllabus is designed in such way that can individually work with students. One class consist only of 8 students per teacher, so that attention can be given to individual students. Since 1982, students from asian countries have been seeking admission at the university. More than 700 Indian doctors have been graduated from the institute and are now practicing in India.

The institute has been collaborating with various global organizations like the World Federation for Medical Education, World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, British Council, United States Agency for International Development, The American International Health Alliance and has been also participating in a wide range of joint international research projects.

Faculty of general medicine

Since the establishment of the university, it has attracted highly qualified staff with an experience of teaching in many destinations of the world. It is a requirement for each staff member at the university to consistently update their skills and methodology by undergoing courses.

The teaching staff of the university consists of 763 experienced and highly qualified professors and instructors (11 academicians and 401 associate professors). Majority of the staff has a Ph.D. or other advanced degrees. Around 66 departments of the University run the academic programs.

Volgograd State Medical University 3

Our Process - MBBS Admission in Russia


a) CONSULTATION PHASE: Admission enrolment for the foreign Institutes starts from 1st of January and lasts till 25 August annually for summer intake and from 30 October till 20 January for spring intake.

b) REGISTRATION & PROCESSING PHASE: Once you have selected the desire course and university, Aspirants needs to fill the Application from in Apply Now section providing all information about himself/herself, Parents occupation, academic details of 10th; 11th; 12th; standard, Passport Details.

c) PAYMENT: At the time of submission of the application and all the mentioned above documents the candidate pays processing fees us (which is in case of unilateral student’s refusal to study it is not refunded) and tuition fees to.

d) STUDENT VISA: Our staff will ensure you about Visa success. In this period aspirants should follow the instruction given by our help desk for sending or receiving any original/scanned documents.

e) DEPARTURE: All aspirants should remember the instruction given by us about the Airport & Gate. International Airport requests that all departing passengers on international flights must be at the airport at least 4 hours prior to their flight departure time. Your pick-up time will be scheduled according to this request & managing authority of Education overseas will be there with you during your whole journey. We recommend all the students/parents/guardian to reach the airport city before one day prior to the departure date.







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